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Welcome to our editorial! We’re so excited to have a space to share our thoughts and vision with you guys.
L.CUPPINI isn’t only a brand that makes beautiful clothes. We are a company that believes in designing and selling luxury clothing while still being sustainable, ethical, and purposeful. It’s my personal belief that as we together face the future we must carve out a new path where luxury and quality automatically coincide with sustainability and ethical business practices. The team has put together a little “get to know us better” for any questions you may have about our journey and how it all began. 


How did we start?

Lea had the idea of starting a brand for a long time, but it took her an extra push to get there. It wasn’t until a night out four years ago that she decided this was her future. She was at dinner with friends when they were complaining of not being able to find nice cashmere at an attainable price point, and it clicked. 

What were the bumps on the road?

Lea at twenty-four with zero experience in starting a business and all it entails set out to Inner Mongolia (all by herself), to find the best cashmere factory. With no one to guide her, she had to play every role. Taking on production, manufacturing, logistics, and design all on her own. After several sleepless nights doing hours and hours of research, from learning how to deal with manufacturers to figuring out ideal price points and logistics, etc, it was all a learning curve and took a long time. The L.CUPPINI you see and love today was built from these stepping stones and has a movie-like story about a young savvy female entrepreneur. 

One piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t think that things are going to happen overnight, know that success takes time. It’s a journey, not a destination (filmy I know, but it’s so true!). It’s a constant process and you have to be super consistent, you need to have a long-term vision. Some days/months maybe even years you will be putting so much effort, but see no result. In these times it's important to remind yourself of this. 

Leas Four Favourites 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my animals! I have the cutest pup called Coco, who is very much part of the L.CUPPINI team. If I'm not working you will probably find me at the stables with my horse Jack, riding him. 

What is your favorite part of your workday?

Right now the people who work for L. Cuppini are my friends - I’ve been so fortunate to have all the people around me be people I have handpicked and the atmosphere at the office is great. There’s such positive energy and it’s honestly such a fun environment! I feel grateful every day that I love going to work! 

What’s Leas's favorite coat?

Leas favorite changes all the time, but, right now it’s the reversible Elisa Parka due to its chic versatility. It’s really a whole team favorite - it’s one coat but so many in one. It's a great investment piece as you have two completely different coats in one. 

What is your favorite career advice you’ve gotten?

Do everything excellent, no matter what job you are doing, no matter your rank in a company you have. Do it all to the best of your ability and always strive for excellence, those who do this are the ones that succeed.  

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