Conscious & Sustainable Shopping - Fur

It’s minus 20 degrees in near arctic Oslo, Norway. But I am snug in my L.Cuppini Oslo Parka as I walk Coco, my fluffy pup, also known as the L.Cuppini mascot. I cinch my parka hood completely closed, the soft rabbit fur-lined hood and fox fur collar forming a cozy, protective ring around my face. The rabbit fur-lined inside keeps the rest of me warm, but never too hot- always just the right temperature. 

I think to myself; it is time to have a more open conversation about the material, fur. One that goes against the simple for and against, but considers the ethical nuances involved and long term effects of the garment industry.  I’m an animal lover at heart, Coco my 2-year old Cavachon is my world, I grew up around horses, and there’s no place I will rather be than on a field riding. But that does not mean I have cut all animal products including food, leather, and fur out of my life.

Fur industry associations stress the material’s long lifecycle. Real fur is biodegradable and the absence of harsh chemicals in its processing is proof of its inherent sustainability. According to Roberto Scarpella, president of AIP, fur dressing consists of mainly water, salt, and alum (a chemical compound). The associations say the impact is minimal compared to the production of faux fur and other fabrics used to make clothing, which is most commonly made of synthetic materials like polyester or modacrylic, which has much more drastic consequences for the environment. At L.Cuppini we specialize in using only natural, organic, and biodegradable materials. Working predominantly with 100% Cashmere, Wool, Silk, and Fur our brand is characterized by materials that are sustainable. 

Our goods are also reasonably priced compared to fur coats on the market, meaning that more people can become part of the long lifetime = less waste movement however, we do also respect and understand that some of our customers prefer to shop faux fur that does not come from an animal, we do our best to cater to their needs and wishes by still maintaining our view and take on materials by producing a few faux fur coats. 

At L.Cuppini, sustainability runs in the heart of our materials and models. We believe in buying less but buying better. Designed to be passed down, our cashmere and wool blend designs have cleverly struck the balance between timeless and trendy. This means that it will still stay in style after many years to come, showcasing the brand’s stance against consequential fast fashion. The brand has been active in promoting its inherent sustainability and work to lessen environmental impact. L.Cuppini is eager to reducing waste. We use only the highest quality yarn from Inner Mongolia and work exclusively with one small scale factory when producing our 100% cashmere. The collection reflects our love and appreciation for craftsmanship and quality, meaning you can wear and keep our L.Cuppini items for longer than others and even pass them down. 

With the use of innovative production methods and respect for the environment, the brand is headed to helping more fashionistas focus on making more sustainable and conscious shopping choices in 2021.