Welcome to the L.CUPPINI Blog!

Welcome to the L.CUPPINI blog! I am so excited to finally be adding this little gem to our website, here I will be sharing more behind the scenes of what’s going on at L.CUPPINI. I will be talking about the things I’m passionate about and how that’s shaped the company, share more personal stories, but most importantly this is a space for fun, authentic and engaging content. We will be posting everything from styling tips, travel blogs, gifting recommendations and so much more. 
If you are new to L.CUPPINI or our website, don’t worry. Here’s a few fast ones about us. L.CUPPINI is a ready to wear luxury fashion label, that is both born and bread in London. My Name is Lea, and in 2019 I founded L.CUPPINI, today I am the CEO and creative director.
I launched L.CUPPINI at the age of 24, having just graduated from Business School a few months prior, this gave me a fresh and innovative perspective on how I wanted to run my company and what we would stand for. L.CUPPINI isn’t only a brand that makes beautiful clothes. We are a company that believe in designing and selling luxury clothing while still being sustainable, ethical and purposeful. It’s my personal belief that as we together face the future we must crave out a new path where luxury and quality automatically coincide with sustainability and ethical business practises.
Stay tuned for lots more fun to come!
Xx Lea