About us

About the Founder 

A Norwegian-American graduate of Regent’s Business School, L.Cuppini founder Lea began working on what would become a luxury cashmere brand while completing the final year of her degree at the London university. After a variety of internships in the fashion industry, including work with the prestigious Grazia Magazine, Lea set out to combine her love of quality cashmere and craftsmanship with her academic background and fashion experience, resulting in the brand we
know and love today.

The Story Behind L.Cuppini

Having spent many years splitting my time between freezing-cold London and near-arctic Oslo it comes as no surprise that I ended up with somewhat of a cashmere obsession. It is soft, warm, and the most comfortable thing you can put on – who wouldn’t want to chill in cashmere? That being said, my love for cashmere started long before I was even dressing myself; as a strong-willed child, I would refuse to wear wool clothing, as even toddler-aged-me really did not appreciate its itchy feel on my skin. In order to keep me warm during the Norwegian winter months, my late mother turned to dressing me head to toe in cashmere. As I got older, my mother also taught me the value of investing in clothes that were made from the highest quality materials and that were designed to last. She stressed the importance of purchasing a select few classic cashmere pieces, rather than buying several mass- produced polyester sweaters – a lesson in sustainability I will carry with me forever.
As I was embarking on my final year in business school, all of these influences
seemed to come full circle as the entrepreneur in me was eager to start my own
business. I kept seeing a void in the cashmere market; I struggled to find brands that combined high-quality material and flattering designs, all at a competitive price, especially when it came to loungewear. It was this lack of what I consider a winter essential that inspired me to launch my own luxury cashmere line, that today is L.Cuppini.

The Story Behind Lea Loves

In 2020, we launched our new offshoot brand, the Lea Loves Collection. A curated collection of seasonal trend pieces, Lea Loves is the perfect combination of classy and fun. Each item is hand-picked by our founder, Lea Lindaas, her trained eye easily spotting the best and most unique clothes on the market. Born out of our passion for all things fashion, Lea Loves is here to provide you with all the looks you could want this Spring and Summer!