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Style Edit - The Chelsea Coat Blue

A 21st centuries-dream coat The Chelsea. 

For most 21st century ladies, the choices we make when deciding on what to wear or what pieces to buy when shopping is from this question “ How can I make it look sexy yet sophisticated..?”

Often we are thinking about how our appearance is perceived by the people we are going to encounter. And if you are anything like me, you're thinking, do I look chic? 

The Chelsea coat is the remedy to all your subconscious thoughts and prayers. You are able to give off sexy Bella Hadid but graceful Grace Kelly. The subtle cocoon shape allows the coat to look fabulous on all body shapes and sizes.
The Chelsea is loose enough, allowing you to layer several pieces under it, still leaving the outfit chic and structured. What I really love about the loose fit is that you can hide a short and sexy mini dress under, while still looking very classy. 

The name of the coat was inspired by the upscale neighbourhood of Chelsea London. It is considered one of the most desirable areas to live in the city, due to gorgeous houses, numerous amount of great shops,
a lively nightlife and residents who know how to leave the house looking chic head to toe. 

The Chelsea coat can be styled and worn in so many ways, here are three ways we would wear it. Oh and let's not forget, it comes in Baby Pink, Ivory, and Camel as well!


Miss Monochrome  - The coat it self is a statement piece, just let the coat do the talking. Choose one color to stick with for everything else in your outfit, and your guarantied looking chic. You don't need to do this with grey, it can be any color. This outfit is perfect for a girls lunch, first date dinner or can carry you a whole Sunday from brunch to evening cocktails  

Girl About TownDid someone say celebration, margaritas and a dancefloor? Well here's your outfit.

Minimalist Cool GirlIs it one of those days where you just need to keep it minimal, practical but you're not willing to give up feeling great? Then this is the way to go. Put all your gadgets in the big pockets and the rest of your stuff in your bag, you are ready to hit the ground running in sneakers and a comfy outfit. 

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