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100% Cashmere

L.Cuppini’s Cashmere

Our 100% cashmere is sourced and made in Inner Mongolia. The region in which we work lies in the Gobi Desert between Mongolia and Northern China, and is home to the Capra hircus goat, known locally as the Cashmere goat for the fine quality material it produces. The Capra hircus is indigenous to the Gobi dessert, a vast region of desert covering land from Southern Mongolia to Northern parts of Inner Mongolia.

Made in Inner Mongolia

The Gobi Desert is globally known to produce the very finest, softest and longest cashmere in the world. This is why L.Cuppini chooses to source all of our 100% cashmere items from Inner Mongolia

In order to ensure that each and every product reflects our high standards in terms of quality, all of our 100% cashmere products are made in the same small-scale factory, which founder and CEO Lea Lindaas personally travelled to in 2019, to witness first-hand the production of our clothing. We can, therefore, guarantee that every piece of cashmere from L.Cuppini echoes our love and appreciation for craftsmanship and quality.