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Sable Coat Dark Brown

Ships 2-3 weeks after purchase has been made.

Our luxurious Russian Sable fur coat can be custom-made according to your own preference in terms of style and colour.

Create your dream bespoke sable coat. Russian sable coat, custom-made to each customers wishes and their measurements.

The price of the sable coat shown in the pictures is £5900. Should you wish to customise a piece, price varies depending on amount of sable fur for your particular coat. If you wish to create a longer version then this would entail more fur being used, and the price would increase. Production time is around 3 weeks.

Once the order is placed a member of our styling team will reach out to you. We will work with you to tailor the coat to your exact measurements and fit requirements. Each coat is bespoke made to order to the customer. 

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