Sable Coat


Create your dream bespoke sable coat. Russian sable coat, custom-made to each customers wishes and their measurements.

Our luxurious Russian Sable fur coat is custom-made so you can customise it according to your own preference in terms of style and colour.

The price of the coat shown in the pictures is £4500 pounds. Price varies depending on amount of sable fur for your particular coat. If you wish to create a longer version then this would entail more fur being used, and the price would increase. Production time is around 3 weeks.

Option 1 if you want to order the exact same design as featured in these images, the price is £4500 you will place the order here and we’ll contact you the following day to get your measurements to produce a bespoke style. 

option 2 if you want to order your own design you can do so by filling out the form for our bespoke furs:

Please provide as much information about your desired style, cut and color and our design team will assist you in your bespoke order. 


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